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Welcome to Turtle’s Anvil! Thank you for visiting our shop. We are Deborah Kelly and Sue Hayden; two spiritually inspired fine art photographers and artists. We each possess an extremely strong passion and reverence for the natural world.

Deborah has a lifelong irresistible drive to create art from natural artifacts. A retired anthropologist, quite familiar with archaeological digs and museum storage stacks, she has developed a strong appreciation of the amazing structures and patterns found in bones, crystals and other natural objects. She transforms these natural objects into handcrafted shamanistic spiritual artifacts. A delightful mix of cultural influences can be seen in each piece. She also recycles vintage items to produce Victorian steampunk.

Sue has spent the last few decades immersed in nature and becoming quite familiar with the activities of wild creatures as a Wildlife Ecologist. Since retirement, she has a new found desire to express her passion for the natural world through photography. Sue now offers photographic images of the natural beauty around us. Her photos tend to focus on details, such as light glinting off the fine hairs of Milkweed seeds as they tentatively test the winds before they release and let go.

Deborah has intense drive and Sue has a stabilizing demeanor. We make an awesome team. We are both passionate about artistically expressing the spiritual quality we experience in the natural world by creating images and artifacts that inspire others. Our art exemplifies that passion; from the close-up nature photos to the one of a kind handmade medicine wheels. To that end, Turtle’s Anvil was created in 2013.

All of the images you see here were taken by one of us. We photograph subjects and create pieces that speak to us and touch our souls. We have medicine wheels, dream catchers, shamanic ceremonial items, nature photography, greeting cards, wire trees, jewelry and more. You may find the perfect gift for that certain someone on your holiday shopping list. All our artwork is very special to us. We truly hope you enjoy them as well.

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The animal artifacts used in our artwork were either found in nature or come from Native American Powwows. We are respectful of the wildlife we photograph so as not to unduly disturb them. No animal is harmed by our activities in any way.


We at Turtle’s Anvil strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Much of the materials we use in our art originally come from vintage items. Recycled packing materials will be used when possible. We also recycle old picture frames.


Turtle’s Anvil fine art prints are original museum quality, acid free and professionally printed. The paper is extremely age resistant. We currently outsource our photos to a professional photo lab. The quality is excellent. We use only the finest archival mounting materials. Each print is hand signed and dated by the artist.


All designs and photo images in our store © Turtle’s Anvil, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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