Deborah Kelly

The unique artistic style of Deborah Kelly is displayed at Turtle’s Anvil where one can see ancestral art, steampunk and photography.

Turtle Woman

deborah-kelly-turtles-anvil-artistMy name is Deborah Kelly; Turtle Woman. I have a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Geology. I have a love and respect for nature and spirituality which started to develop into an art form. After much searching, I have traced my ancestry to an Arapaho great, great grandmother, whose name was Bow Carrier. Until then, I never understood, why from a young child, I was making Native American art. All my life’s experiences have amalgamated into my medicine designs, which I use to help and improve the lives of others.

My Steam Punk designs were developed as a child when I would take my mother’s watches apart. They were so beautiful on the inside! I would redesign them into jewelry (Mother was not amused). From there, I went on to clocks, typewriters and any other items that I could investigate (fun times). I love beautiful objects, nature and science.

To me art is important because it raises consciousness and causes the person to think and imagine beyond one’s self. When I create art it is a meditation that has lead to a lifetime of discovery. To make art is a form of spiritual practice or meditation into the mystery of creation.

Artistic Expressions Of Spirituality