Sue Hayden

Sue Hayden, aka The Turtle Lady, of Turtle’s Anvil at shares photographic artistic expression of her spiritual reverence of all things natural.

The Turtle Lady

For as long as I can remember I have been irresistibly drawn to OUTSIDE. At a very young age, I came to love animals of all kinds. The sciences, particularly Biology, were the focus of my interest through school.

After graduating from Michigan State University, I worked at McHenry County Conservation District in northern Illinois, most recently as Wildlife Ecologist. I came to know the wildlife and natural ecosystems in the area quite intimately during the 21 years I worked there. A sixteen year study that I conducted involved trapping and year long tracking of turtles through out the county. I often became known as The Turtle Lady by the local communities.

I have worked to practice and promote an ecologically friendly lifestyle. I hold deeply reverent love and respect for the world all around us. I have been inspired by the intricate subtle influences outside that work together to create a self-sustaining, responsive system; whether a biological unit, a coordinated community of inter-specific entities or a landscape ecosystem.

I have also been appalled at the arrogant abuses the human race, at large, has inflicted upon all living creatures outside. Now, recently retired, I find my artistic side demanding expression. Having experience in photographic documentation of various findings in my career, it seemed a natural shift to now focus my energy on wildlife photography.

My hope in my work is to bring to others the sense of awe, joy and wonderment I feel when I experience all that goes on outside. I guess I am still documenting. My fear in my work is, if nothing else, it will be a testimony to what once was…OUTSIDE.

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