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Floodwaters Receding In Time to Prepare for Pagan Pride Show

The flood waters have ceased! For days, Deborah has been trying to create her art in a very damp nasty situation. 

We did receive damage in about a third of the workshop, particularly around the work bench. The water is gone now and the shop is dry-ish. No worries, we got this! 

Well see you at our next #TableSale event, in Shopper’s Alley:

Chicago Pagan Pride | September 10, 2017


Click to see where our table is next! For now, we have an opportunity to finish preparing for the upcoming Pagan Pride Chicago event. Check out their website for information on workshops, entertainment and of course… vendors.


The Turtles Anvil Etsy Store.

Make sure to stop by the Turtle’s Anvil tent and say Hi. We’d be happy to meet you.

You can visit our Etsy store now!


The Beginning of the Saga of Turtle’s Anvil

A few years back we decided to go into business together selling our artwork. We both, rather naively had “old-fashioned” ideas on how to accomplish the task.

Saga of Turtle's Anvil

We were both professionally familiar with using a computer at our previous jobs. Deborah was a systems operator at the Board of Trade. Sue was used to collecting and analyzing scientific data. Because of this, we felt we could easily handle the web.

Lo and Behold! Knowing how to use a computer and successfully navigating e-commerce are not the same animal. life is a turtle's sagaWe were totally unprepared for the speed of technology and the changes in what a computer could be used for and how. But, don’t ever believe the old adage, “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. For three years we struggled with teaching ourselves about social media and how to build a web-based business. We bought a number of books, many of which we discovered were outdated shortly after they were printed. We studied them, pored over them and struggled with a completely new language that insidiously used familiar words out of the known context. We went from merely knowing that social media exists to amateurishly using it to grow a small business.

Saga of Turtles Caught In A Web of Tech

xckd-comic-fire-wikipediaStill, we were kind of lost on the nuances, protocol and etiquette of the ether world. It is disconcerting to find out that what you thought was merely adding emphasis was actually rudely YELLING, or that what you felt was defending yourself could be perceived as being argumentative. Notwithstanding, we felt we were up to creating our own website. We thought that because we were no longer newbies to social media that building a website would be a snap.

Wrong again! That is when the Universe provided Mary Diamond, our guru of the ethernet. She helps us ensure that the connections are connected, the plug-ins are plugged in, the add-ons are added on, etc. She also provides invaluable insights and tips, translated into plain English, advancing our knowledge (and confidence) and helping to clear the fog.

This website is a work in progress. We wish to share new ideas, the expressions of creativity and we hope to inspire.